Clan Donald

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Clan Donald Magazine No 3 (1965) Online

Clan Donald Magazine No 3 was originally published in 1965 and edited by R.M. Gorrie.


The Chiefs & Societies.

Finlaggan Footprint Stone Found by Domhnall Gruamach.

Reginald Henry Macdonald of Kingsburgh.

The Heraldry of the Macdonald Arms by Sir Iain Moncrieff of that Ilk.

A Disc for Clan Donald.

The Siol Gorrie by R. Maclagan Gorrie.

Menstrie Link With Nova Scotia.

A Case for the 'Big D' by Donald F. MacDonald.

An T-Each Don by Donald Macdonald.

The Clan on the Little River by Robert E. McDonald, Texas.

A Refrigeration Pioneer by R. Maclagan Gorrie.

Edinburgh Welcomes Sir Ian.

Colkitto's Sword by Donald J. Macdonald.

Rona, Champion Piper.

Clan Donald Educational and Charitable Trust.

The 17th Chief of Sanda and the Sanda Relics by Mary McDonald.

The Iona Chalice by Lady Thornton.

The Overlanders.

Clan Donald and Culloden by Lt Col Iain Cameron Taylor.

Slaughter Under Trust.

Clan Echoes.

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