Top 10 tips in what to look for when buying a house

There are of course tons of things you need to watch out for before going for a home. Therefore we did our best to try to come up with ten of the most important things to look for when buying a house.

We hope this will help you and guide you with your decision.

1.) How long is the property out on sale?

This is a key indicator on the actual price and state of a property. If it’s out on the market for a long time the most possible explanation for this is that its price is not in parallel with its actual quality.

2.) The area and situation:

Avoid houses which are in such area that has any risk of natural catastrophes, e.g.: floods, wood fires, slipping, mudding. Even if there hasn’t been floods in the past few years. If a flood occurs, you will end up losing your home and paying tons of money to get it back.

3.) The neighborhood:

This has to be not only suitable for the buyers’ personal expectations, it also has to have practical qualities transportation and traffic-wise. This also brings up the question of who your direct neighbors will be. Having bad neighbors can have a venomous effect to your life.

4.) Check out the history of the property:

Especially focusing on its sales history. If this property has exchanged multiple owners within a relatively short period of time this is generally a red-flag of an underlying issue you weren’t informed about.

5.) History of past renovation works or the lack thereof:

Cheap properties which need renovation may sound inviting but don’t fall into this trap as it can as well hide some serious structural issues. And changing a roof almost costs as much as a proper house would.

6.) A house that’s suitable for your budget:

All the credits are very tempting, especially when it comes to a real dream property but do not get tempted. Always choose a property which you can afford easily and can guarantee its payment as well.

7.) The orientation of the house:

North-facing houses are much colder and darker than south-facing ones. This counts a lot in terms of overall atmosphere and in the need for heating and lighting too.

8.) The structuring of the house:

Is the house easy to use? Are the bathrooms and kitchen located in the right place? Are there any stairs which are too steep? These are only some of the questions to count with.

9.) Renovation or the need for it:

Try to get a home which needs as less renovation as possible. I know that homes which need renovation are sold for a much better price but this price can get way higher than you expect in the near future.

10.) Garage and storage space:

These are often overlooked but very necessary factors, especially when it comes to having the proper storage space.

We hope we could help you with this checklist and you will end up buying the best suitable home for your needs.