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Clan Donald Mail Internet Access

To purchase a Clan Donald Mail e-mail address ([email protected]), please visit our Web Shop.

Enter your Clan Donald Mail e-mail address and password below and press the button to access your e-mail.

Email Address:

Note: If you have a firewall, you need to have it set to accept all cookies from both and If you have any difficulty logging in there is a backup login page here.

Please note that if you have asked for an auto-forward to be set up on your account you can still use Clan Donald Mail Internet Access to send mail. However, any incoming mail will be sent directly to the forwarding address.

Clan Donald Mail Help

Auto-forward. To set up an auto-forward on your account to an existing e-mail address, please e-mail the webmaster.

Outlook Express. How to set up your Clan Donald Mail e-mail address in Microsoft Outlook Express.

Internet Access Help. Once you login to your Clan Donald Mail there is a full help menu accessible by clicking on help at the top of the screen.

Password. The webmaster will have given you a stock password on your new Clan Donald Mail account. You should change this immediately as follows:

  Login to your account above using the password supplied by the webmaster.
Click on 'Settings' on the top menu or the settings button at the top left of the screen.
Click on the padlock at the left of the screen to change your password. You are prompted to enter your current password once and your new password twice. Click on the padlock again and a confirmation pop-up box should confirm that your password has been changed.
Click on the Settings button again. You can now set your preferences for your account.
Press the save settings button on the left of the screen.
Click on the Check Mail button to return to the e-mail screen.

If you get completely stuck, please e-mail the webmaster.

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