Clan Donald

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The Clan Donald Genealogy Database
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Welcome to the Clan Donald Genealogy Database maintained by Roddy Macdonald of the Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh. The project aims to bring the work of the Reverend Doctors Archibald Macdonald of Killearnan and Angus Macdonald of Kiltarlity (Clan Donald, 3 Volumes, Inverness,1896-1904) and Donald J. Macdonald of Castleton (Clan Donald, Loanhead, 1978) up to date in an easily accessible format.

Genealogy is not an exact science and this database, like its predecessors is not without errors and omissions. However, I revise it regularly in the light of contributions from all over the world. If you would like to contribute to the project, I always welcome contributions. It helps if you can give the reference numbers of persons already in the database to whom your family is related so that I can avoid duplication. Descendant charts in Microsoft Word (.doc) format or Gedcom (.ged) files are preferred and you can submit them by e-mail.

To maintain file size, I generally only include 1 generation of non-Macdonald descendants, although I carry the line through to the individual contributor so that they may benefit from the genealogy reports that I can produce. I ensure that all dates and events relating to living individuals are 'privatised' i.e. removed and replaced by the word 'Private' prior to generating the HTML file for the web to maintain the privacy of living individuals. This database provides a good starting point and shows what others have managed to do. If you want to trace your own Clan Donald genealogy, nothing beats a visit to the Study Centre at Armadale.

To facilitate searching the database, only 3 variants of the name are used: Macdonald, Macdonell and McDonnell for the modern members of the Antrim family. All other variants are rendered as the closest of the first two.

A chart of the succession of the Chiefs of the branches of the clan can be found here.

Given the mixed Hiberno-Scoto-Norse ancestry of Clan Donald, I make no apology for including the genealogies gleaned from the Icelandic Sagas, which I charted as an aide-memoire when I was studying the Sagas.

Notable Points of Entry into the Genealogy Database

The list below gives the founder of each branch of the clan and the last or current representer of that branch (where known), as well as other notables in the database.

Somerled / Sumarlidi / Somhairle Mor MacGillebride (Abt. 1100 - 1164) King of Argyll and the Sudreys.

The eponymous Donald (1190 - 1269) after whom the Clan Donald is named, grandson of Somerled through Ranald MacSorley. The current  High Chief of Clan Donald is the Rt. Hon. Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald, 8th Lord Macdonald.

Angus Og Macdonald of the Isles (1272 - Abt. 1324), grandson of the eponymous Donald. Friend and fellow fighter at the Battle of Bannockburn (1314) of Robert the Bruce (1306 - 1329) King of Scots. The current Queen of Scots is Elizabeth, Queen of the United Kingdom and her other realms and territories. She is the 24th great granddaughter of Somerled and 20th great granddaughter of Robert the Bruce.

Iain Sprangach Macdonald of Ardnamurchan (Bef. 1292 - Abt. 1330), brother of Angus Og and founder of the MacIains or Macdonalds of Ardnamurchan. The last chief of the Macdonalds of Ardnamurchan was Alexander, 7th of Ardamurchan (Bef. 1518 - Abt 1538).

Iain Og an Fraoch Macdonald of Glencoe (abt. 1330 - 1358), natural son of Angus Og and founder of the MacIains or Macdonalds of Glencoe. The chief killed in the 1692 Massacre of Glencoe was Alasdair Ruadh, 12th Chief. The last chief was Alexander James John, 19th Chief.

John Macdonald (Bef. 1324 - 1387), son of Angus Og and 1st Lord of the Isles.

Ranald Macdonald (1352 - 1389), son of John by Amie MacRuaridh and founder of the Clanranald Macdonalds and Glengarry MacDonells. The current Clanranald is Ranald Alexander, 24th Chief and the current Glengarry is Aeneas Ranald Euan, 23rd Chief.

Godfrey Macdonald (Bef. 1358 - 1401), son of John by Amie MacRuaridh and founder of the Siol Gorraidh.

Donald of Harlaw Macdonald of the Isles (Abt. 1359 - 1423), son and heir of John by Princess Margaret Stewart of Scots, 2nd Lord of the Isles, claimant to the Earldom of Ross who fought the Battle of Harlaw.

Iain Mor Tanister Macdonald of the Isles (Bef. 1380 - 1427), son of John by Princess Margaret Stewart of Scots and founder of the Macdonalds of Dunnyveg and the Glens of Antrim, also known as Clan Donald South.  The current Representer of Clan Donald South is Alexander Randal Mark McDonnell, 9th Earl of Antrim.

Alasdair Carrach Macdonald of Keppoch (Bef. 1380 - Abt. 1443), son of John by Princess Margaret Stewart of Scots and founder of the MacDonalds or MacDonells of Keppoch. The current Chief (for aught yet seen) is Ranald Alasdair, 22nd Chief.

Alexander Macdonald of the Isles and Earl of Ross (Bef. 1423 - 1449). 3rd Lord of the Isles, son and heir of Donald of Harlaw.

Hugh or Uisden Macdonald of Sleat (Bef. 1449 - 1498), son of Alexander, 3rd Lord of the Isles and founder of the Macdonalds of Sleat. The current Chief of the Macdonalds of Sleat is Sir Iain Godfrey, 25th Chief.

Celestine Macdonald of Lochalsh (Bef. 1449 - 1476), son of Alexander, 3rd Lord of the Isles and founder of the Macdonalds of Lochalsh. The last Chief of the Macdonalds of Lochalsh was Sir Donald Gallda in the 16th Century.

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