Clan Donald

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The Chiefs of Clan Donald

A chart showing the succession to the main branches of Clan Donald. Names with an asterisk* indicate that the chief did not succeed to the Chief-ship from his father. Click here to download a printable version of this chart in pdf format.

Domhnaill mac Ragnhaill mhic Somhairle / Donald MacRanald VicSorley (1190-1269)

Angus Mor MacDonald (1249-1301) 1st of the Isles


Alasdair Mor MacDonald

Angus Og MacDonald (1272-c.1330) 2nd of the Isles


Clan MacAllister of Loup

John Sprangach MacDonald (-c.1330) 1st of Ardnamurchan

John MacDonald (-1386) 3rd of the Isles 1st Lord


Angus MacIain MacDonald 2nd of Ardnamurchan


Iain Og an Fraoch MacDonald(-1358) 1st of Glencoe

Donald of Harlaw MacDonald (c.1359-1423) 4th of the Isles 2nd Lord



Ranald MacDonald (-1389) 1st of Clanranald & Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald 2nd of Glencoe

Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-c.1415) 3rd of Ardnamurchan


Iain Mor Tanister MacDonald (-1427) 1st of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim


Alasdair Carrach MacDonald 1st of Keppoch

Alexander MacDonald (-1449) 5th of the Isles 3rd Lord & Earl of Ross

 Donald Balloch MacDonald (-1476) 2nd of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

 Angus of Fersit MacDonald (-c.1470) 2nd of Keppoch



Iain MacIain MacDonald 3rd of Glencoe

  John MacIain MacDonald (-c.1465) 4th of Ardnamurchan


Alan MacDonald (-c.1429) 2nd of Clanranald

Donald MacDonald
(-1420) 2nd of Glengarry

John MacDonald (-1503) 6th of the Isles 4th Lord & Earl of Ross



  Sir John Mor MacDonald
(- exc. 1499) 3rd Lord of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

  Donald MacDonald (-1497) 3rd of Keppoch

Roderick MacDonald
(-c.1481) 3rd of Clanranald

John MacDonald 3rd of Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald 4th of Glencoe

  Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-c.1490) 5th of Ardnamurchan


Celestine MacDonald
(-1476) 1st of Lochalsh


Hugh MacDonald
(-1498) 1st of Sleat

Angus Og MacDonald (-1490) 7th of the Isles

Sir Alexander MacDonald
(-1497) 2nd of Lochalsh

  John MacDonald
(-1505) 2nd of Sleat

 Sir John Cathanach MacDonald (-exc.1499) 4th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

  Iain Aluinn MacDonald (deposed 1498) 4th of Keppoch

Alan MacDonald (-1505) 4th of Clanranald

Alasdair* Nan Coille MacDonald
(-1460) 4th of Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald 5th of Glencoe

  John* MacIain MacDonald (-1518) 6th of Ardnamurchan


Donald Dubh MacDonald (-1545) 8th of the Isles

Sir Donald Gallda MacDonald
(-1519) 3rd of Lochalsh

  Donald* Gallach MacDonald (-1506) 3rd of Sleat

  Alexander MacDonald (-1538) 5th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

  Alasdair* nan Gleann MacDonald (-1498) 5th of Keppoch

Ranald Ban MacDonald
(-1509) 5th of Clanranald

John MacDonald
(-1501) 5th of Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald 6th of Glencoe

  Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-c.1538) 7th of Ardnamurchan




Donald Gruamach MacDonald (-1534) 4th of Sleat

James MacDonald (-1565) 6th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim


Donald Glas MacDonald (-c.1513) 6th of Keppoch

Dugall MacDonald
(-c.1520) 6th of Clanranald

Alexander MacDonald
(-1560) 6th of Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald 7th of Glencoe

Alexander* MacIain MacDonald (-c.1570) 8th of Ardnamurchan


Sorley Buie MacDonald (1510-1589) Lord of the Route



Donald Gorm MacDonald (-1539) 5th of Sleat

Archibald MacDonald (-1568) 7th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

Randal MacDonnell (-1636) 1st Earl of Antrim

Ranald Mor MacDonald (-1547) 7th of Keppoch

Alexander* MacDonald (-c.1529) 7th of Clanranald

Angus MacDonald (-1574) 7th of Glengarry

Iain Og MacIain MacDonald (-c.1590) 8th of Glencoe

John MacIain MacDonald (-c.1591) 9th of Ardnamurchan




Donald Gormson MacDonald (-1575) 6th of Sleat

Angus* MacDonnell (-1614) 8th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

Randal MacDonnell (1610-1682) 1st Marquis & 2nd Earl of Antrim

Alasdair of Boloyne MacDonald (-1554) 8th of Keppoch

John Moidartach MacDonald (-1584) 8th of Clanranald

Donald MacDonald (1543-1645) 8th of Glengarry

Iain Og MacIain MacDonald (-c.1610) 9th of Glencoe

John Og MacIain MacDonald (-1596) 10th of Ardnamurchan




Donald Gorm Mor MacDonald (-1617) 7th of Sleat

Sir James MacDonnell (-1626) 9th of Dunivaig & the Glens of Antrim

Alexander* MacDonnell (1615-1696) 3rd Earl of Antrim

Ranald* Og MacDonald (-1587) 9th of Keppoch

Alan MacDonald (-1593) 9th of Clanranald

Angus* MacDonell Lord Macdonell & Aros (-1680) 9th of Glengarry

Iain Aberach MacIain MacDonald (-c.1630) 10th of Glencoe

Donald* MacIain MacDonald (-1596) 11th of Ardnamurchan




Sir Donald* Gorm Og MacDonald (-1643) 1st Baronet 8th of Sleat


Randal MacDonnell (1680-1721) 4th Earl of Antrim

Alasdair nan Cleas MacDonald (-1635) 10th of Keppoch

Angus MacDonald (-1594) 10th of Clanranald

Ranald* MacDonell (-1694) 10th of Glengarry

Alasdair Ruadh MacIain MacDonald 11th of Glencoe

John* MacIain MacDonald (-c.1609) 12th of Ardnamurchan




Sir James Mor MacDonald (-1678) 2nd Baronet 9th of Sleat


Alexander MacDonnell (1713-1775) 5th Earl of Antrim

Ranald Og MacDonald (-1641) 11th of Keppoch

Sir Donald* MacDonald (-1618) 11th of Clanranald

Alasdair Dubh MacDonell (-1721) 11th of Glengarry

Alasdair MacIain MacDonald (-1692) 12th of Glencoe

Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-c.1636) 13th of Ardnamurchan




Sir Donald MacDonald (-1695) 3rd Baronet 10th of Sleat


Randal William MacDonnell (1749-1791) 2nd Marquis & 6th & 1st Earl of Antrim

Donald* Glas MacDonald (-1649) 12th of Keppoch

John MacDonald (-1670) 12th of Clanranald

John MacDonell (-1754) 12th of Glengarry

Iain MacIain MacDonald (1657-1714) 13th of Glencoe





Sir Donald MacDonald (-1718) 4th Baronet 11th of Sleat


  Anne Catherine MacDonnell(1775-1834) 2nd Countess of Antrim

Alexander MacDonald (-1663) 13th of Keppoch

Donald MacDonald
(-1686) 13th of Clanranald

Alasdair Ruadh MacDonell
(-1761) 13th of Glengarry

Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-c.1750) 14th of Glencoe





Sir Donald MacDonald (-1720) 5th Baronet 12th of Sleat


Charlotte* MacDonnell Kerr (1779 -1835) 3rd Countess of Antrim

Alasdair* Buie MacDonald (-c.1669) 14th of Keppoch

Alan MacDonald (-1715) 14th of Clanranald

Duncan* MacDonell
(-1788) 14th of Glengarry

John MacIain MacDonald (-1785) 15th of Glencoe





Sir James* MacDonald of Oronsay (-1720) 6th Baronet 13th of Sleat


Hugh* Seymour McDonnell (1812-1855) 4th Earl of Antrim 

Archibald Macdonell (-1682) 15th of Keppoch

Ranald* MacDonald (-1725) 15th of Clanranald

Colonel Alistair MacDonell (1771-1828) 15th of Glengarry

Alexander MacIain MacDonald (-1814) 16th of Glencoe





Sir Alexander MacDonald (-1745) 7th Baronet 14th of Sleat


Mark* Kerr McDonnell (1814-1869) 5th Earl of Antrim 

Coll Macdonell (-1729) 16th of Keppoch

Donald* MacDonald
(-1730) 16th of Clanranald

�neas MacDonell (1809-1851) 16th of Glengarry

Ewen MacIain MacDonald (-1840) 17th of Glencoe





Sir James MacDonald (-1766) 8th Baronet 15th of Sleat


William Randal McDonnell (1851-1918) 6th Earl of Antrim 

Alexander Macdonell (-1746) 17th of Keppoch

Ranald MacDonald
(-1766) 17th of Clanranald

Alexander MacDonell (1834-1866) 17th of Glengarry






Sir Alexander* Bosville-MacDonald (-1695) 9th Baronet 1st Lord MacDonald 16th of Sleat


Randal Mark Kerr McDonnell (1878-1932) 7th Earl of Antrim 

Major Ranald Macdonell (-1788) 18th of Keppoch

Ranald MacDonald
(-1776) 18th of Clanranald

Charles MacDonell (1838-1868) 18th of Glengarry






Alexander Bosville-MacDonald (-1824) 2nd Lord MacDonald 10th Baronet 17th of Sleat


Randal John Somerled McDonnell (1911-1977) 8th Earl of Antrim

Alexander Macdonell (-1808) 19th of Keppoch

John MacDonald (1762-1794) 19th of Clanranald

�neas* Ranald Macdonell
(-1868) 19th of Glengarry






Godfrey Bosville-MacDonald (-1832) 11th Baronet 3rd Lord MacDonald 18th of Sleat


Alexander Randal Mark McDonnell (1935-) 9th Earl of Antrim 

Richard* Macdonell (-1819) 20th of Keppoch

Ranald George MacDonald (1788-1883) 20th of Clanranald

�neas Ranald MacDonell (1848-1901) 20th of Glengarry






Alexander William Bosville (1800-1877) 12th Baronet (Post Facto)

Godfrey William Macdonald (1809-1863) 4th Lord Macdonald 19th of Sleat


Randal Alexander St John McDonnell Viscount Dunluce 

Chichester* Macdonell (-1848) 21st of Keppoch

Admiral Ranald John James George MacDonald (1813-1899) 21st of Clanranald

�neas Ranald MacDonell (1875-1941) 21st of Glengarry


Godfrey Bosville (1825-1865) 13th Baronet (Post Facto)

Somerled Macdonald (1849-1874) 5th Lord Macdonald 20th of Sleat


Ranald* Alasdair MacDonald

22nd of Keppoch

Allan Douglas MacDonald (1856-?) 22nd of Clanranald

�neas Ranald Donald MacDonell (1913-1999) 22nd of Glengarry


Sir Alexander Bosville-MacDonald (1865-1933) 14th Baronet 21st of Sleat

Ronald* Archibald Macdonald (1853-1947) 6th Lord Macdonald


Angus Roderick MacDonald
(1858 -?) 23rd of Clanranald

Ranald MacDonell 23rd of Glengarry


Sir Godfrey Bosville-MacDonald (1887-1951) 15th Baronet 22nd of Sleat

Alexander* Godfrey Macdonald of Macdonald (1909-1970) 7th Lord MacDonald High Chief of Clan Donald


Ranald* Alexander MacDonald 24th of Clanranald


Sir Somerled Bosville-MacDonald (1917-1958) 16th Baronet 23rd of Sleat

Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald (1947-) 8th Lord MacDonald High Chief of Clan Donald


Sir Ian Bosville-MacDonald (1947-) 17th Baronet 24th of Sleat

Hugo Macdonald of Macdonald


Somerled Alexander Bosville-MacDonald (1976-)

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