Clan Donald

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Index of Persons

The Clan Donald Genealogy Database 6085 individuals, 2529 families from file macdonald.GED last updated on 4 January 2006.

Sven AAGESON -- to -- Allan 4 CAMERON of Lochiel
Allan Cameron of CAMERON -- to -- John DE COURCY of Ulster, Lord
Marie DE COURCY -- to -- Louisa Levenson GOWER , Lady
Christian GRAHAM -- to -- Georgina Amelia JEFFREY
James JEFFREY , Captain -- to -- Alexander MacIain MACDONALD of Ardnamurchan
Alexander MacIain MACDONALD of Glencoe -- to -- Donald MACDONALD of Inverigan
Donald MACDONALD of Inveroy -- to -- Jane MACDONALD of Milton
Jane MACDONALD of Rannoch -- to -- Penelope MACDONALD of Milton
Percy Edward MACDONALD of Kingsburgh -- to -- Donald 1 MACDONELL of Aberarder
Donald 2 MACDONELL of Corriechoille -- to -- Jean MACINTYRE of Glen Noe
Jean Anne MACINTYRE -- to -- Christina MACRUARIDH of Garmoran
Dugald MACRUARIDH of Garmoran -- to -- William Conqueror NORMANDY of England, King
Aelflaed (Sybil) of NORTHUMBERLAND -- to -- Skage SKOPTISSON
Ellen THURLOW -- to -- Valerie Henrietta ZICHY-WOINARSKI



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