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Clan Donald Magazine No 2 (1962) Online


The ruins of Finlaggan on the island of Islay, where the Lords of the Isles held their council meetings in the 14th and 15th centuries were examined by archaeologists in the summer of 1961 and plans have been made for excavation and preservation.

The work is being undertaken by the Islay Archaeological Survey Group from London under Dr Hussey and Mr Celoria of the London Museum, aided by a small grant from the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. They hope to carry out further work to expose the outlines of the buildings which are on the shore of Loch Finlaggan and on an island. They will also clean the carved stones. This is a task that should be of interest to every Gael and lover of things Gaelic, and members of Clan Donald may wish to help by providing finance or voluntary labour.

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