Founded 1891
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The Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh (1891)






of Sleat


of Antrim


of Macdonald


of Clanranald


of Glengarry


of Loup

Welcome to the web site of the Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh (1891). This site contains over 1500 pages of information relating to the Clan Donald.

To make the site more interactive, we now have a discussion forum with boards for each branch of the Clan and National boards. There is also a board for members of the Society which is only visible to Society Members. If you would like to receive updates, please register to join the Clan Donald Forum. Please post any historical or genealogical queries on the Forum, please do not e-mail individual Society officers.

Aims. The aims of the society are:

To foster and preserve Clan Donald sentiment.
To cultivate social activity and interest in the Clan.
To encourage education.
To preserve records and traditions bearing on the history of Clan Donald.
To honour distinguished Clansfolk.

Membership. The society welcomes members from all over the world. However, prospective members from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America should note that there are independent societies established in those countries. Membership is open to persons who qualify to be members of Clan Donald by surname, descent or marriage. You may check your eligibility for membership at the Clan Donald USA List of Families with Clan Donald Associations (use the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page). The society also welcomes associate members who are interested in Clan Donald but do not qualify for full membership by surname, descent or marriage. You can apply for membership by e-mail. Your application should include:

Your full name,
Postal address,
E-mail address,
A brief statement outlining your connection to or interest in Clan Donald.

Applications from prospective members go before the of Council of the Society at the next meeting of the Council (meetings are usually held quarterly). However, at the 2005 AGM this function was delegated to a committee to speed the process. Prospective members whose membership accepted by the Council will be asked to submit their first year's subscription by sterling draft or  electronic payment before their membership is confirmed.

Subscriptions. The rates are:

Ordinary and Associate Members: �16 per year.
Junior Members (under 16)
: �7

Overseas Subscriptions. As currency conversion charges are so high (�5 per cheque), overseas members are requested to remit in the form of a Sterling Draft or add the equivalent of at least �5 to their cheque. Overseas members may also find it useful to 'team-up' in remitting their subscriptions to spread this cost. We regret that our bank is currently unable to accept Euro cheques. Alternatively, members are encouraged to make use of our online subscription facility.

Online Subscriptions. This facility may be most attractive to overseas members, but all members may pay their subscriptions online. The PayPal transaction costs are such that we must charge �16.74 to recover the �16 net for the Society. Members may choose to pay one year's subscription only or to set up a recurring payment from their PayPal account. Online subscription payment facilities are not available to Junior Members. You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase subscriptions and you can use any of the cards shown below. Subscriptions can be paid at our Online Shop.

Donations. We wish to thank Life Members who have contributed to the society's funds; any further donations are most welcome. You can make a donation at our Online Shop.

Forthcoming Events.  Please see the News page and the Clan Donald Forum.

Magazine. The Clan Donald Magazine has been produced every few years since 1959 and contains articles on Clan Donald history and related subjects submitted from all over the world. Editions which are now out of print are available at our Clan Donald Magazine Online, and editions which are still available in print may be purchased through our Online Shop.

Merchandise. Norman H. MacDonald, our former President and current Archivist & Historian, as well as being a learned and respected historian of Clan Donald, is also an accomplished baritone singer of Scots and Gaelic song. Some of his tapes and books are available through our Online Shop.

Office Bearers 2006 - 2007

Honorary Presidents. The Rt. Hon. Lord Macdonald of Macdonald, Sir Ian Macdonald of Sleat, Bart., Ranald A. Macdonald of Clanranald, Ranald MacDonell of Glengarry, William St.J.S. MacAlester of Loup, The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Antrim.

The Council:

Note: Please post any historical or genealogical queries on the Clan Donald Forum, please do not e-mail individual Society officers.

President. Following the tragic death of the Reverend Kenneth E Wigston on 27 January 2007, Norman H. MacDonald FRSA FSA Scot has been appointed President until the AGM.

Vice-President. Mrs Jean Macdonald. 

Honorary Secretary. Mrs Morag Y MacDonald MA FSA Scot.

Honorary Treasurer & Webmaster. Roddy Macdonald (Newsletter Editor).

Archivist & Historian. Norman H MacDonald FRSA FSA Scot

Council Members. Dr Hector Macdonald MA PhD (Accounts Examiner), Joseph J Bowie, Ian MacDonald (Accounts Examiner).

of Ardnamurchan

of Dunivaig

of Glencoe

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