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Clan Donald Magazine No 10 (1984) Online

The Chiefs and Societies.

The Chiefs.

MacDh�mhnaill: The Rt. Hon. Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald, Lord Macdonald and High Chief of Clan Donald.

Representing Clann Iain Mhor: The Rt. Hon. Alexander Randal Mark MacDonnell, Viscount Dunluce.

MacDh�mhnaill nan Eilean: Sir Ian Godfrey Bosville Macdonald of Sleat, Bart.

Mac 'Ic Ailein: Ranald Alexander Macdonald, Captain of Clanranald.

Mac 'Ic Alasdair: Air Commodore Aeneas Ranald Donald MacDonell of Glengarry CB DFC RAF (Retd.).


The Societies.



President: Donald M. Macdonald.
Hon. Sec: Norman H. MacDonald FSA Scot.


President: Angus MacDonald.
Hon. Sec: Mrs Mary Bannerman.


President: Archibald Fletcher.
Hon. Sec: Mrs Isla MacEachern.


High Commissioner: A. Graharne MacDonald.
Deputy High Commissioner: Ronald MacDonald.

State Commissioners:

New South Wales: Mrs Nan McDonald.

Queensland: Rev. S Calder Allan.

South Australia: Rev. F.R.M. Macdonald.

Tasmania: Ven. Ian J.R. Macdonald.

Victoria: Andrew McDonald.

Western Australia: Prof. William B. Macdonald.


President: Guy Magdonelle.


High Commissioner: Judge Ian M. Macdonell of Greenfield.

The Clan Donald Council of Canada.

Chairman: Lt. Col. Gordon D. Leggett UE.
Secretary: Mrs W.D.H. Henderson.

Grand River Valley (Guelph).

President: Russell Henderson.
Secretary: Mrs Emmeline Donald. 

Nova Scotia.

Commissioner: Brigadier General K. MacDonald.
Secretary: Ronald A. Macdonald, BA LLB.

St Lawrence-Rideau (Brockville).

President: Ian MacDonald.
Secretary: Mrs R.W. Nixon.


President: Robert H. Macdonald.
Secretary: Mrs W.D.H. Henderson.



President: Ranald A. Macdonald of Clanranald.
Hon. Secretary: C Ronald Kelly FAPA.

New Zealand.

Patron: Rev. T.M. McDonald.
President: R.A. Henry.
Secretary: Mrs M.M. Batt.

United States of America.

High Commissioner: Douglas Murdock FSA Scot.
Deputy High Commissioner: John F. McDonald Jr.

Regional Commissioners:

New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont)

James S. McDonald.

North East Atlantic (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)

W. Gordon Silvie.

Mid-East (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia)

Thomas E. Sebrell IV.

South East (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

A. H. McDonald.

Mid-South (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee)

Rev. Walter R. Page.

Great Lakes (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)

Donald MacDonald D. Thruber.

Central South (Arkansas, L()uisiana, Oklahoma, Texas)

Ernest McD. Fletcher.

Mid-West (Illinois, Iowa, Kansa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin)

John L. MacDonald.

Great Plains (Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota)

Dr. Douglas Parks.

North West (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

Francis R. McDonald, Commissioner Emeritus.

South West (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah)

Charles R. Woodburn.

North Pacific (Alaska, Oregon, Washington)

Charles T. McQuesten.

South Pacific (California. Hawaii, Nevada)

Walter McDonald.

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