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Clan Donald Magazine No 7 (1977) Online

The Chiefs and Societies.

The Chiefs.

MacDh�mhnaill: The Rt. Hon. Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald, Lord Macdonald and High Chief of Clan Donald.

Representing Clann Iain Mhor: The Rt. Hon. Randal John Somerled MacDonnell, Earl of Antrim.

MacDh�mhnaill nan Eilean: Sir Ian Godfrey Bosville Macdonald of Sleat, Bart.

Mac 'Ic Ailein: Ranald Alexander Macdonald, Captain of Clanranald.

Mac 'Ic Alasdair: Air Commodore Aeneas Ranald Donald MacDonell of Glengarry CB DFC RAF.


Secretary to the High Council of the Chiefs: Donald J. Macdonald of Castleton FSA Scot.

The Societies.


The Clan Donald Council.

Joint Chairmen: Alan McDonald (Edinburgh) & Angus MacDonald (Glasgow).
Joint Secretaries: Mrs. Mary Bannerman (Glasgow) & Norman H. MacDonald FSA Scot. (Edinburgh).


Enquiries to: Mrs. A.G. Johnston.


President: Alan McDonald.
Hon. Sec: Norman H MacDonald FSA Scot.


President: Angus MacDonald.
Hon. Sec: Mrs. Mary Bannerman.


High Commissioner and President: A. Grahame MacDonald, Townsville, Queensland.
Hon. Sec: Robert A. Fredericksen, Mackay, Queensland.


As above.

New South Wales.

President and Acting Hon. Sec: Ronald Macdonald, Randwick, New South Wales.

South Australia.

Commissioner: Rev. F.R.M. Macdonald, Kilkenny, South Australia.


Commissioner: Ven. Ian J.B. Macdonald, New Town, Tasmania.
President: Charles J. MacDonald, North Hobart, Tasmania.
Hon Sec: Noel D. Foster, Sandy Bay, Tasmania.


President: Mrs. F. Cowie, Chadstone, Victoria.
Hon. Sec: Robert A Macdonald, Sunshine, Victoria.

Western Australia.

Commissioner: Prof. William D. Macdonald, Nedlands, Western Australia.
President: Dr. Atholl Frazer, Claremont, Western Australia.
Hon. Sec: Dr. Desmond L. Gurry, Perth, Western Australia.


President: Guy Magdonelle, Brussels.
Sec: Guy Gerardy.


High Commissioner: Judge Ian M. Macdonell of Greenfield, Toronto, Ontario.
Deputy High Commissioner: Lt. Col. Colin C. MacDonald, Guelph, Ontario.

The Clan Donald Council of Canada.

Chairman: Lt. Col. Gordon D. Leggett UE, Islington, Ontario.
Sec: Mrs. W.J, McBride, Kitchener, Ontario.

Clan Donald Co-ordinating Committee.

Chairman: Capt. R. Mingo Sweeney CEM, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Grand River Valley (Guelph).

President: Charles A. MacDonald, Cambridge (Galt), Ontario.
Sec: Mrs. W. Fraser, Cambridge (Galt), Ontario.

Nova Scotia (Antigonish).

Commissioner: Ronald A. MacDonald, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
Deputy Commissioner: Douglas MacDonald, Antigonish, Nova

St. Lawrence Rideau (Brockville).

President. Ian MacDonald, Brockville, Ontario.
Secretary Mrs. R.W. Nixon, Brockville, Ontario.


President: Murdo A. Macdonald, Toronto, Ontario.
Sec: Mrs. W.D.H. Henderson, Toronto, Ontario.

New Zealand.

Commissioner: W.P. McDonald, Queenstown.
President: A.S. McDonald, Invercargill.
Hon. Sec: Mrs. Mary Batt, Invercargill.

United States of America.

High Commissioner: Ellice McDonald Jr., Greenville, Delaware.
Deputy High Commissioner: Nester J. MacDonald, Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Regional Commissioners:

North East. (Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont):

William N. McDonald III, Pelham Manor New York.

Mid-East. (Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia):

Colonel Jackson Conn, Montgrey, Virginia.

Southeast. (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina):

James A. McDonald, Savannah, Georgia.

Mid-South. (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee):

John R.H. McDonald, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Great Lakes. (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio):

Donald MacDonald Thurber, Detroit, Michigan.

Midwest. (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin):

Dr. Robert G. Carroon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Central South. (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas):

F. Owen McBride, Houston, Texas.

Southwest. (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah):

Stewart T. Macdonald, Phoenix, Arizona.

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