Clan Donald

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Clan Donald Magazine No 2 (1962) Online

The Chiefs

The Rt. Hon. Lord Macdonald of Macdonald MBE.

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Antrim.

Sir Iain Godfrey Macdonald of Sleat Bart.

Captain Ranald Alexander Macdonald of Clanranald.

Air Commodore Aeneas Ranald Donald MacDonell of Glengarry DFC RAF.


Clan Donald Societies in Scotland

The Clan Donald Society of Edinburgh

President: Norman Maconald Esq.
Hon Sec: Donald J. Macdonald.

The Clan Donald Society of Glasgow

President: J. Macdonald Freer Esq.
Hon. Sec: Miss Daisy Macdonald.

The Clan Donald Society of Aberdeen

President: C. A. MacDonald Esq.
Hon Sec: Mrs A. Johnston.

Clan Donald Overseas

Clan Donald USA

High Commissioner & Convener: Reginald H. Macdonald of Kingsburgh OBE.
Secretary & Treasurer: Linford S. Macdonald Esq.

Also Branches with Commissioners in Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Washington.

Clan Donald Society of Canada

Commissioners: Judge Ian M. Macdonald of Greenfield
and Wing Commander John A. Macdonell of Lochgarry.
Hon Sec: John H. MacDonald Esq.

Clan Donald Society of Queensland

Commissioner: A. Grahame MacDonald Esq. JP.
Hon Sec: Mrs J. MacDonald.

Clan Donald Society of New Zealand

President: W. P. McDonald Esq.
Hon Sec: Colin F. McDonald Esq.

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