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Never Say Die - The Glengarry McDonalds of Virginia

Author Julia McDonald Davis
Details American History Press
ISBN 0890021309

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This is the exciting story of a McDonald family whose founder, Angus McDonald from Glengarry, Inverness-shire, after having escaped from the Battle of Culloden, settled in Virginia. The authoress, in lively style, traces his adventures and those of his descendants in America, with George Washington, fighting Indians, the British in the War of 1812 and for the Confederacy against the Union in the American Civil War, fur trading on the Missouri,  rebuilding  San  Francisco after the earthquake, involvement in creating Boulder Dam and in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Julia McDonald Davis has written some twenty well researched books, including "Swords of the Vikings", "Stonewall Jackson" and "No Other White Men" and a play about the trial of John Brown, traditionally presented in the Charles Town, West Virginia Court House, near Winchester where he was tried and hanged. Her books reflect her life in Denmark and Britain where her father was US Ambassador.

Never Say Die is the story of the authoress' own family who "in their adventures, struggles, disasters and triumphs" helped to make their country's history and cannot fail to captivate the imagination of all who read it.  N.H.M.

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